The course is designed for 28 days. It should be taken 3 times a day: breakfast, lunch and before bedtime. Pills need to be taken 20 minutes before meals with water. Despite the decrease in appetite, you still need to eat. Eat right, more vegetables and fruits, boiled and baked meat. You need to avoid fried, fatty, smoked, salted, and so on. Alcohol, coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks should be excluded from drinks. Drink more water to help the body remove all toxins. You can add a slice of lemon to the water. At the time of taking the pills, it is necessary to exclude the intake of other medications. Contraceptives can continue to take. In the first week, strong physical exertion is not recommended, from the second week, it is possible and useful to include exercises. Very useful will be walking in the fresh air.

✅The course is contraindicated:
people under 18 and over 65. Also in cardiovascular diseases,
with diabetes,
during pregnancy, when feeding.
in violation of the thyroid gland (in this case, the tablets do not give a result)

✅When taking the , as with taking any pills, there are a number of side effects. There are side effects on an individual basis, depending on the state of health. So some do not feel the side effects at all and say that they have become better to sleep and energy has appeared, some complain of insomnia and weakness. The main side effects are dry mouth, sweating, sleep disturbance, weakness, palpitations (with an increased heartbeat, we recommend stopping the pills)

✅Recommendations to avoid side effects: drink more water, take tablets at the same time 20 minutes before Meals, nightly tablets should be taken right before going to bed. Rest and eat properly. Enable physical activity from the second week.