I have never suffered from overweight, but after two births, it was already difficult to get in shape. Stir the stomach, it was impossible to wear something tight and old things seemed like I could never get into them. Then I decided to try diet pills, based on the recommendation of my girlfriend. Took Yanhee standard (i needed to lose 7 kg). The course consisted of 9 tablets per day, 5 in the afternoon and 4 before bedtime. All different colors and shapes. Daytime I took them 10 minutes before lunch, night before bed. From the first reception I immediately felt the loss of appetite, that is, I took the pills and by the time of lunch, I did not want to eat at all. Through the force i made myself to eat. i was feeling very thirsty and did not notice how I drank 3 liters of water after what began to go to the toilet more often. I felt slight sweating as if after light exercises. In the evening there is still no desire to eat. After I took the night, I was knocked out and I slept until the morning without waking up. In the morning I got on the scales, and what I saw was mines 1.5 kg! I decided to continue, feeling better on the second day, I made a salad for lunch because I didn’t want to eat something heavy. I also drank water and ran to the toilet. I felt a little tired. This lasted until 4 days, then feeling returned to normal, by that time, I had already dropped 3 kg. After 4 days, I began to feel good, as if I didn’t take anything, but the weight was dropping, already less than in the first days, 300-500 g per day. By the end of the course, I managed to reduce weight to 10 kg. I was very pleased with the result and of course, I wanted to share it with my friends and acquaintances, who also tried the course and were delighted.