bangkok pills

In Thailand, there are a large number of different diet pills, different colors, different manufacturers, different strength and prices. In this article, we will talk about the most popular ones. These include well-known Bangkok Pills, Yanhee pills, tablets from the DC clinic. as well as courses of st. Carlos and duromin30.

are definitely the champions among Thai pills. They got the love of millions of people, who can not lose weight with any diet or exercise.

Where do these pills manufacture? are made in a private laboratory in Bangkok. And they have all permits and certifications from the Ministry of Health of Thailand. The composition of the tablets includes Duromine, Phentermine, which are the main component of Thai bears.

Duromine 30 mg also sold independently. For example, courses Duromin30, widely used in Australia, Japan, America and New Zealand. The box consists of 30 capsules, one capsule per day. I will talk more about these courses in the next article.

We turn further to my favorite courses from the Yanhee International Hospital. Why favorite? Because they help to get rid of excess weight gently with a minimum of side effects, that is, in 90% of cases, side effects are not felt at all. Does weight reduction go? of course, but not like with Bangkok Pills. These courses I advise people who need to lose weight 5-10 kg, or who does not rush and can afford to drink 2-3 courses to achieve a of 20 kg. To whom I also advise Owned Yanhee courses, those who work, who have small children, that is, those who should always be on their feet.

Further, from the same category, I refer courses from the St. Carlos Hospital, also aimed at reducing weight gently over a long period, namely 6 months. That is the course of St. Carlos, this is a 6-month program, for which you can reduce weight by 30-40 kg. These courses are recommended for people suffering from and in need of a comprehensive program to work on health and body.

The last category that DC would like to discuss today is that they position themselves as Bangkok pills, are rapidly gaining momentum and have already become popular in the South-East Asia market. Slowly began to appear on the worldwide market. Courses are still inferior to in terms of efficiency, so if you need to lose 10-15 kg of weight per month, do not hesitate to order them, since their pricing policy is lower than from Bangkok Pills.

How do you think which course is right for you?