bangkok pills pregnancy

We receive a lot of questions from moms who want to lose weight before, during or after giving birth. Motherhood is the most precious time that you have in your life and we absolutely understand that you want to look feet and beautiful. But the risk and side effects of diet pills are not safe for pregnancy and newborn breastfed baby.

Here some questions that you usually ask:

  1. after giving birth?

Answer: If you are NOT breastfeeding your baby, you can start taking diet pills minimum after 6 months from giving birth. Because your body needs to recover from delivery and most of the weight will drop naturally in the first 6 months.

2. while breastfeeding?

Answer: It is strictly contraindicated to consume diet pills for a breastfeeding mom. Please wait for the time, when you will stop breastfeeding and your baby can eat solid food.

3. during pregnancy?

Answer: It is strictly contraindicated to take any diet pills during pregnancy.

4. and birth control pills?

Answer: You can still continue taking your birth control pills during consumption of diet pills.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment under this post, we will reply to you as soon as possible.