Yanhee pills

Yanhee is a prescription pills sold by Yanhee International Hospital in Bangkok Thailand. Its widely known used by celebrities and models in Asia. The pills prescribed by Doctors based on your height, weight,age, medical conditions and other health information. Dosage may vary according to your objectives. It has 5 pills to 22 pills per day for 28 days consumption to be taken before lunch and before bedtime.
are formulated with 100% natural herbs and vitamins locally available in Bangkok. It is proven effective and doesn’t have much side effects with proper use and dosage.

Bangkok Pills

The leading brand in Thailand industry. The pills is famous for its effectiveness to cure and problems. This is taken 3 to 4 times daily within 28 days and more according to your body fats. But it should be taken with precautions and proper consumption. In most strong dosage it is possible for you to loose up to 25 kg of in a month. The main ingredient of the pills is Phentermine, that helps suppress appetite. Other pills contain ingredients that helps reduce swelling, beer tummy, detoxify, diuretic, increase metabolism and prevent absorption of fats and carbohydrates from foods, increases melatonin and clears body from toxins and body wastes.

Derm Care Pills

Derm Care clinic specializes in Health and beauty as well as their slimming products. The course are 28 days. You should take 12-21 pills to be taken 2 to 3 times in a day. It includes Phentermine that helps suppress appetite. Derm care pills are free from drugs and made from natural ingredients such as Garcinia Cambodia, wild ginger, Green tea and other components that helps reduce weight, eliminates toxins and normalize digestion for fast metabolism.


Duramine is appetite suppression pills for treating obesity. Its main ingredient is Phentermine. It includes 30 pills in a box for 30 days consumption. Duromine is taken once a day in the morning before breakfast and before lunch but not later than 4pm as it causes Insomnia. It helps to jumpstart your diet but you should not take duromine longger than 4 months to avoid withdrawal.


Panbesy is another appetite suppressant pill. Its main ingredient is also Phentermine. In one bottle includes 200 capsules for 200 days consumption. Same as duromine, the pills is taken once a day before breakfast and before lunch. The difference between duromine and panbessy is that duromine works for 24 hours and panbessy works for only 16 hours. But both is effective and helps reduce weight in short period of time.
Taking this slimming products just help us to loose weight fast and not advisable for long term usage.