With great fame come great responsibilities. Stardom and fame among celebrities models and superstars are not easy to obtain, it always come with great effort and price tags. In order to stay famous they work hard to stay youthful and keep their body lean and slim. So how they maintain youthful looks and slim bodies?? Being youthful and looking young is not a struggle among celebrities for they can always afford anti aging products, expensive facial cares and surgeries. Mostly they struggle to keep their body lean and sexy. Women have most struggles considering that they have to battle with childbirth, tough jobs , female hormones, demanding husbands and mostly society standards; but somehow they remain young and cool. So how they do this???
Some models and celebrities stay long hours in the gym , working so hard to stay fit. Some undergoes for expensive surgeries and most of them going for days without food or using anorectic supplements to avoid feeding.
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