Eli Manning has always been one of the NFL’s most dedicated players. But now that he’s retired, he’s been able to focus on his health and fitness like never before – and the results are amazing.

The two-time Super Bowl MVP has always been in great shape, but since retiring from football he’s dropped a significant amount of weight. In fact, he’s now down to a trim 200 pounds – an impressive 20-pound weight loss.

So how did he do it?

For starters, Manning has been following a strict diet. He’s cut out processed foods and sugar, and he’s been eating lots of lean protein and vegetables. He’s also been drinking plenty of water and green tea.

In addition to his healthy diet, Manning has been working out regularly. He’s been doing a mix of cardio and strength training, and he’s even taken up yoga to help improve his flexibility.

All of this hard work has paid off, and Manning looks better than ever. He’s proof that retirement can be a great time to focus on your health, and that even older adults can make amazing transformations.