A man who lost 80 pounds on a weight-loss drug also lost his desire to drink alcohol, say experts. The drug, which is yet to be named, could treat all kinds of addiction.

The man, who has not been identified, was taking part in a clinical trial for the drug when he made the unexpected discovery. He had been struggling with his weight for years and had been trying to lose weight for some time, but had never been successful.

When he started taking the drug, he not only lost weight, but also found that he no longer had any desire to drink alcohol. He is now alcohol-free and has lost a total of 80 pounds.

Experts say that the drug works by targeting the brain’s reward system, which is the same system that is targeted by drugs like alcohol and nicotine. When this system is disrupted, it can lead to a loss of interest in the activities that previously triggered it.

The man’s story is still being studied, but experts say that the findings could have implications for the treatment of all kinds of addiction. If the drug is found to be effective in treating addiction, it could be a game-changer for millions of people who struggle with substance abuse.