Duromine and Panbesy are the most established and famous weight loss pills. This pills prescribed by doctors to treat obesity and overweight patients. It works by reducing your appetite and make you feel less hungry. Everyone knows, that the main active ingredient in both medications is phentermine, so what is the difference between panbesy and duromine?

To produce duromine capsules they use phentermine ion-exchange resin complex. To manufacture Panbesy phentermine hcl is used.

The difference between this methods of manufacturing is how long anorectic effects may last. Ion-exchange resin complex works by slowly releasing phentermine during the day. So you can feel effect up to 24 hours. Phentermine hcl cannot last for more than 18 hours.

Another difference is that Duromine are only available in 15 and 30 mg dosages. Panbesy available in 15, 30, 40 mg dosages.

Panbesy manufactured by Eurodrug laboratories, and available in countries: Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong

Duromine manufactured by Inova Pharmaceutical, and available in countries: Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong.

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