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Description: Baschi Quick Slimming Capsules

Condition: 100% Brand new, seal, never used, never opened

Quantity: 1 bottle

How to use: 1 time per day, 1 capsule/time, taking it half hours before the breakfast and take a large glass of water. Drink more water during the day.

Not suitable for  :

– Patients with heart disease. High-pressure Vascular disease

– Patients who are mentally ill or addicted to substance abuse and diseases caused by drinking.

– The patient is Liver disease kidney disease epilepsy

– Patients with prostatic hyperplasia or glaucoma

– Pregnant or breastfeeding

– Those who are younger than 18 or older than 60 years

– Do not eat this product with other medicines

**This product is unsuitable for pregnant women and people with cardiovascular disease and apoplexy.**


Baschi Quick Slimming Diet Strong Weight Loss

Slimming Fat Burner Pills

Baschi quick slimming capsule is processed by advanced technology with pure natural herb, function test shows 3-5 kg or even more can be reduced when taking it for a week without rebounding and negative side effect, no rebounding.

  1. Fast work, obvious effect. (average 90% you may lose your weight about 3-10 kg. per month.
  2. Suppress appetite, no hunger.
  3. No rebound. (No Yo-Yo effect)
  4. Do not destroy the metabolic process. (no diarrhea)
  5. No hormones.
  6. No dependence.
  7. Accelerate the burning of fat in the body.


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