Panbesy 15 mg


Panbesy capsule 15 mg – is an appetite suppressant. One course is good for 200 days.

Panbesy should be taken in the morning before breakfast one capsule a day.

Panbesy help you to consume less calories per day, burn fat, and clear body from toxins.

The most common side effect for Panbesy is trouble sleeping. That’s why we advise taking pill not later than lunch hours. If you already have trouble sleeping you can take one of our sleeping pills.

Panbesy can not be taken by pregnant and lactating woman, children below 12 years old and elderly older than 65 years old. People having heart problems also shouldn’t take panbesy to treat overweight.



200 Panbesy capsule 15 mg per bottle

Original, from Eurodrug Laboratories Singapore


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