• Yanhee Hospital (Beauty and Surgery hospital in Thailand)


  • Thailand


  • 100g


  •  Yanhee Breast Cream was developed by Yanhee International Hospital doctors and researchers.
  • The formulation contains Pueraria Mirifica, also known as Kwao Krua, is a plant found in the northern and north eastern Thailand and Myanmar.
  • It has been used in local Thai communities for well over one hundred years.
  • Known also for its rejuvenating qualities, Pueraria Mirifica helps to increase breast size, firmness and can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  •  Tested to be really effective
  • Increase in breast size and firmness
  • Hydrates the skin and gives healthier looking smooth skin

How to use:

  • Use regularly and consistently.  Apply and massage Yanhee Breast Cream to breasts, twice a day, morning and evening.  5 minutes each session.