• Yanhee Hospital (Famous Beauty and Surgery hospital in Thailand)


  • Thailand


  • 20g


  • Yanhee anti freckles Cream is specially formulated by Yanhee Hospital as a new innovation of a skin care product.
  • The thick cream is gentle to skin and does not cause any skin irritation.
  • The cream specifically fixes blemish problem by reducing it and dark spots as well.
  • It treats the facial skin and turns dull skin into a brightened and glowing face.
  • The face becomes clear and smooth as the blemish is lightened by Tranexamic acid and Licorice extract.
  • Tranexamic acid is well-known among the medical profession to treat facial problem by reducing blemishes and fading out dark spots.
  • Together with Glycolic acid and Licorice extract which are natural extracts that protect the skin from radiation and other pollutions, the effective result of the brightened face can be seen quickly and clearly.
  • The combination of these three main substances allows a satisfied result and gains stunning recognition. 

How to use:

  • Apply the cream twice a day (Morning and Night).
  • Put the cream all over the face and massage gently where you want to lighten blemishes or dark spots so it can be absorbed at specific areas.